SWS Harvest Faire: A Woven History

Our 2019 Harvest Faire was a great success, as this event is every year, with people flocking to our campus, eager to celebrate the change of seasons.

Before we had Harvest Faire, Sacramento Waldorf School hosted a Winter Faire. The Winter faire started more than 50 years ago at our old school site on Watt Ave.

In 1971, Winter Faire became the Harvest Faire, when the school moved to its current location on Bannister Rd. A few years later, in 1977, the first Harvest Faire Quilt was raffled off at the event, becoming one of our signature focuses every year.

The first Harvest Faire quilt was a schoolwide collaboration, each quilt square created by a class or school family. The original quilt was sewn together by Sacramento Waldorf School Alumni Parent and current Grandparent, Patricia Wood.

For the past decade, Stacey Donohue, a Sacramento Waldorf School alumni parent and current parent, has made our coveted Harvest Faire and Auction quilts. They are wonders to behold! Every year, when the quilt tickets are turned into Ms. Valerie at the front desk, she hears, “This is the winning ticket!”

This year, Arthur and Kathy Zwern, current school parents, won the Harvest Faire Quilt Raffle. The 2019 event also supported a “Going Green” recycling program, which is a Senior Project being organized by Tyler Cochran-Branson and Riley Day.

The students hope to incorporate eco-friendly and sustainable products into all Sacramento Waldorf School events and activities that can be composted on our farm rather than going to a commercial composting facility. Our Parent Guild collaborated with these inspirational seniors to make sure all of the plates, napkins and spoons used at the 2019 Harvest Faire were composted on our farm.

Composting on our farm not only enriches the soil, it reduces our carbon footprint, one of the goals of Tyler and Riley’s year-long effort.

We are grateful to all the people who come together to make Harvest Faire a great success. Thank you, one and all!