Music is a vital part of a Waldorf education, and every high school student participates in either an instrumental or vocal ensemble, determined by their interest and their prior experience. Concert Choir requires no prior experience but a desire to sing. The Chamber Choir is an advanced, auditioned group with a prerequisite of one year in the Concert Choir or similar. Both the String Orchestra and Jazz Ensemble require previous experience with an instrument, and continuing private instruction is recommended.

In exceptional cases, a student with no prior experience but a strong commitment to an instrument will be admitted to these instrumental ensembles. Such a student would need to be taking private lessons. Additionally, we have a lively Percussion Ensemble that welcomes beginners interested in advancing their music skills, as well as with seasoned percussionists. All classes meet three times a week and perform in three or four concerts each year. The Chamber Choir and String Orchestra perform in school and community events and at competitions in addition to the regular concerts.

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Concert Choir
Jazz Ensemble
Concert Choir; Chamber Choir; Jazz Ensemble;
Orchestra; Percussion