Student Life

Stroll through the campus and you may hear young children singing while lower school students rehearse lines or sand a stool in woodworking. High school students frequently have classes outdoors. Parent-Child Program children may be discovering the beauty of our farm or Kindergarten children may enjoy a peaceful afternoon in the Extended Care Program. 


During the week and occasional weekends, our school is bustling with activity from morning to evening.

In addition to sports, many high school students join and create clubs or participate in the student council, which provide opportunities for leadership and exploration around shared interests. Many students get involved in various community service opportunities to help their community by volunteering, organizing food drives, and participating in fun runs for local non-profit organizations. SWS also has active German student exchange and international student admissions. Visiting exchange partners, as well as international students from many different countries such as China, South Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Taiwan are an integral part of the student body.

Many middle and high school students enjoy participating in our athletics program.

The joys and challenges of parenting are supported through parent evenings, parent-teacher conferences, and special lectures and events. Dedicated staff, faculty and volunteers support school and community life when we come together for curricular, seasonal and multicultural festivals, celebrations, and events such as Harvest Faire, Pumpkin Path, Grand May Day, Annual Auction, Pentathlon, and much more.


Participating in both athletics and the arts is the norm for students at the Sacramento Waldorf School. The SWS Athletics program fosters a healthy, supportive environment for student athletes to compete passionately while deepening relationships with peers and learning valuable lessons about commitment, effort, time management, and sportsmanship.

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Performing Arts

Discover our music and theater programs here at Sacramento Waldorf School.

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Clubs & Activities

Sacramento Waldorf School Angler Sam Christman shows his catch

Clubs are based on student interest and therefore may vary from year to year. A group of students may form a new club by inviting a faculty member to sponsor it. The following clubs are currently or recently active:

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Community Service

This gazebo was built by students in service to the Sacramento Waldorf School

Serving our broader community is an important component of a Sacramento Waldorf School education. We find that performing service work helps broaden our students’ perspectives on social issues and fosters within them a lifelong desire to give back.

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