Sacramento Waldorf School

Athletic Program

Participating in both athletics and the arts is the norm for students at the Sacramento Waldorf School. The SWS Athletics program fosters a healthy, supportive environment for student athletes to compete passionately while deepening relationships with peers and learning valuable lessons about commitment, effort, time management, and sportsmanship. Our athletes take pride in wearing Waves on their chest and representing their school on the court, field, or track. Supporters root on our teams while making connections with friends and family, and witness the transformation taking place in our young people as they strive to achieve. The Sacramento Waldorf School maintains a “no cut” policy, meaning students in good academic standing with a positive attitude and consistent attendance have the opportunity to participate in any sport. There is a wide variety of opportunities for High School and Middle School Students to participate on competitive sports teams. Go Waves!


Dean Stark, Athletic Director


High School Athletics

The Sacramento Waldorf High School is a member of the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) and the Central Valley California League(CVCL). Since our inception into the CVCL in 1984, our high school sports program has experienced great success and popularity. From winning league championships in numerous sports, to regularly being voted by our peer schools as displaying outstanding sportsmanship, and to annually having over 60% of our high school students participate in at least one sport per year, it is clear that our extra-curricular sports program has been a huge success and an important addition to our school. Programs offered can vary, but will include a wide variety of sports. In the fall, we participate in JV and Varsity Girls Volleyball, and Coed Cross Country. In the winter, Boys and Girls Basketball (J.V. and Varsity) are offered, as well as Varsity Boys and Girls Soccer and Coed Downhill Snow Skiing. In the spring, we suit up for Varsity Boys Baseball and Coed Mountain Biking. For more information about our high school teams, coaches, and calendar click here.

Middle School Athletics

Programs offered can vary, but may include Coed Cross Country, Flag Football, Rugby, Mountain Biking, and Girls Volleyball in the fall; and Boys and Girls Basketball in the winter; and Coed Baseball and Soccer in the spring. SWS hosts a middle school basketball league that is comprised mostly of Northern California Waldorf schools. The season is capped off by the annual Microwaves Tournament for grades 7 and 8. For more information about our middle school teams, coaches, and calendar click here.

Athletic Director

Dean Stark
Dean Stark is our school Athletic Director. Since joining SWS in 1984, Dean has helped build the sports program into a successful and important part of school life. As a coach, he led the Waves baseball team to eight league titles in 15 seasons and his basketball teams have amassed 13 championships over his 30 years.  In addition to receiving numerous ‘Coach of the Year’ awards in both baseball and basketball, Dean is also the author of Coaching Team Sports in a Waldorf School, and A Waldorf Approach to Coaching Team Sports, and produced a video High School Basketball: The Seven Defensive Principles of Building a Championship Team.

Contact Dean: or 916-860-2527