Question for the Spring Newsletter

Who is a teacher that has helped you the most? And Why?


Patricia Schneider-Graziosi, 1st grade teacher at Sacramento Waldorf School
Ms. Schneider

Bobby Ingram, 1st grade: Ms. Schneider because sometimes I need help in math or I’ll mess up and she helps me.

Frankie Gannon, 5th grade: Ms. D. She taught me to play the trumpet and how to annoy my dad and my dog with the trumpet.

Sophie Sperandio & Arriana Roos, 12th grade: Ms. Yerramilli. She’s an amazing math teacher in how she helps you learn. She listens to what the class needs in the moment but still keeps to her schedule.

Marianne Gray, teacher at Sacramento Waldorf School
Ms. Gray

Benecia Pimentel and Aaron Beasley, 5th grade: Ms. Gray because she teaches us decimals and fractions and how to write. Ms. Sinclair because she is teaching us what we need to know for the Pentathlon.

Isabel Hiatt, 7th grade: Ms. Sullivan and how she helped me but also how she helps our class be closer and treat each other kindly. It improves you and those around you.

Castin Allen, 2nd grade: Ms. Fields because she helps you do handwork really well!

Inigo Esmanech, 7th grade: Ms. Fields, Mr. Taylor, and Ms. Elder. Ms. Elder has helped us with the transition of teachers to make it easier on us. Mr. Taylor is always switching up games in movement and makes it really fun. Ms. Fields spends time working with me in handwork.

Andrew May, 9th grade teacher, Sacramento Waldorf High School
Mr. May

Masina De Clive-Lowe & Zoey Dupzyk, 9th grade: Mr. Hosler! He’s very understanding, supportive and explanatory. He’s nice. He’s great. A very nice man.

Leo Cooper, 9th grade: Mr. May. He’s understanding, knowledgeable and wise about a lot of things. He’s helpful and cool.