Sacramento Waldorf School

Activities & Student Services


In the Lower School the majority of student activities take place within the context of the class under the direction of the class teacher. These include field trips, camping trips, swim parties, hot lunch fundraisers,festivals, and other celebrations. Parents assist with many of these activities, providing transportation, chaperons, and general support. Generally, fifth grade students participate in the Pentathlon (Greek games); sixth graders participate in Medieval Games; seventh grade students participate in Orienteering and the 5k Run; the Eighth Grade Track Meet provides a final experience in movement and athletics. Class-based lower school activities culminate in the Eighth Grade with a series of activities including student projects, a class play, the Maypole dance, an extended class trip, and graduation.

Beginning in sixth grade students may participate in a variety of after school sports, including volleyball, snow skiing, cross country, flag football, mountain biking, basketball, baseball and soccer. Local schools, including the area K-8 Waldorf schools, participate in weekly matches and many seasons culminate with a tournament. Middle School (Grades 7 and 8) dances also include students from area Waldorf schools.

Student Services

Summer & Extended Care Programs
Educational Support
Social Emotional Learning & Health
Library Services

Educational Support

Educational Support is currently provided through the Lower School Educational Support Program Committee, faculty, and outside consultants in the Lower School. The School has increased the referral list of approved tutors and consultants and there are dedicated spaces for tutoring and remedial work. Contact the Lower School Administrative Coordinator for more information.

Social Emotional Learning & Health

The Sacramento Waldorf School supports the healthy development of students through our Social Emotional Learning and Health Program (SEL) led by Megan Sullivan. Megan works collaboratively with our class teachers and school counselor to create a positive and helpful environment for our students.