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 High School Registrar/Student Records

The High School Registrar maintains individual student academic records including schedules, course grades, grade reports, transcripts, credit standing, and current grade point average, in addition to performing ongoing credit reviews for graduation and college readiness. The Registrar also maintains the High School program’s University of California approved course list and assists the High School Counselor during the college application process.

Elizabeth Tiedemann

Contact Elizabeth:  High School Registrar or (916) 860-2534

Grading Periods & Grade Report Publishing Dates:

Parents can access grade reports by logging on to the SWS Parent Portal two weeks after the end of each academic quarter.Completed Main Lesson grades are issued with quarterly grade reports for the quarter in which the Main Lesson is completed. Updated GPA information is included with each grade report.  Transcripts are mailed to families once a year in July.

Grading Cycle for the 2018-19 Academic Year:

Quarter 1 ends: November 2
Grades and Main Lesson 1 available: Nov 17
Quarter 2 ends: Jan 25
Grades and Main Lessons 2 & 3 available: Feb 15
Quarter 3 ends: Mar 29
Grades and Main Lessons 4 & 5 available: May 3
Quarter 4 ends: Jun 14
Grades and Main Lessons 6 – 8 available: Jul 3

Transcript Requests

Requests for official transcripts must be provided in writing with the signature of a parent or legal guardian (students under 18 years old) or the student (over 18). Requests must include the name of the student, graduation year, date of birth, number of transcripts requested, and complete mailing address for schools or programs to which the transcript should be sent. Students or parents requesting an unofficial transcript can arrange for pick up in the High School office. You can download a Transcript Request Form and email requests to the High School Registrar or fax 916-860-2506.

Counseling Services

The High School Counselor assists students in the areas of college, personal, and educational goal-setting and decision-making. Our High School counseling services are structured to empower students through awareness of personal gifts, talents, interests, and future life goals. Each student is seen as a unique individual developing an equally unique and valuable path and purpose in life. Toward this purpose, the development of healthy relationships with teachers, peers, family and the wider community is a focus of equal value to the development of the mind through academic preparation and personal success.

College counseling includes individual help with college research, guidance regarding gap programs, assistance with applications, Naviance Family Connection support, and a senior elective class in college planning. Personal counseling is provided on a short-term basis with appropriate referrals. Educational guidance is provided to those with questions about accommodation plans and applications for standardized special testing.

Academic Guidance

Academic guidance from the school is provided by one or more of the the following: High School Registrar, High School Counselor, or the student’s academic advisor.

College Guidance

College guidance resources are listed below.

UC Course List
Note:Select “a-g course list”, then type in “Sacramento Waldorf

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High School Counselor

Janis Walters

Contact Janis: or (916) 860-2519

Educational Support Program

The Sacramento Waldorf School values the unique nature of each student, and while talents vary, every young man and woman here has special gifts to offer to the School community and to society as a whole. Although remedial instruction is not available in the High School, the faculty strives to meet the needs of a diverse student body. The Educational Support Program (ESP) consists of the Program Coordinator and High School Counselor with the support of the High School Coordinating Team. The ESP Coordinator assists individual students with executive function support and teacher communication regarding accommodation plans. The program is geared toward students with documented needs and with an official accommodation plan on file. Plans are managed by the Counselor.

Parents or students seeking additional information about the Educational Support Program (ESP) can contact the High School Office or the Educational Support Program Coordinator below.

Education Support Program (ESP) Coordinator

Dr. Whyt Pugh

Contact Whyt: or (916) 860-2509

Social Emotional Learning and Health

The Sacramento Waldorf School supports the healthy development of students through our Social Emotional Learning and Health Program (SEL) led by Megan Sullivan. Megan works collaboratively with our high school counselor to create a positive and helpful environment for our students.

High School International Student Tutor

International students have four hours per week built into their schedules to work with Brian on strengthening their English reading and writing skills. The 9th graders also receive extra tutoring and support after school.

Amy Elder

Contact Amy:

Library Services

The Sacramento Waldorf School Library offers services to the whole school from the kindergarten to the twelfth grade, as well as to teachers, staff, and parents. The library consists of a collection of over 10,000 fiction and non-fiction books as well as maps, globes, periodicals, class prints, a large art file, documentary photo file, class plays, videos and DVDs, audio tapes and CDs, slides, audio-visual equipment, and class teacher resource binders. The Library is served by a part-time assistant. Students are shown how to use an index, table of contents, a glossary, and a variety of reference books including encyclopedias and almanacs. Use of the digital catalog is also demonstrated, and how to locate books in the stacks.

We also support middle and high school research with a healthy reference collection and various online resources, such as  the EBSCOHOST database.

Library hours are 12:30-5pm and on a staff available basis before 12:30pm, Monday – Friday.
The library is closed over school holidays and summer break.