Social Emotional Learning

Seminar is a Social Emotional Learning and Health (SEL) class. Currently, students participate in a trimester of seminar during each year of high school. Core competencies developed in this program include self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making skills. Themes over the four years include healthy relationships, comprehensive sex education, drug and alcohol education, stress and stress management, conscious technology use, nutrition, and transition out of high school. Each class focuses on the creation of a safe, caring, and highly participatory learning environment where SEL competencies are modeled, taught, and reinforced.  

Learning opportunities are provided through mindfulness activities, games, presentations and lectures, small group work, sharing circles, council, and solo time. Additionally, ninth graders transition into high school with a study skills course designed to support their development as students and improve organization and executive function. Seniors participate in courses on current events and college planning as they prepare to enter into the wider world. Electives are offered to juniors and seniors twice each week on a quarterly or semesterly basis, and are intended to deepen student skills and interests or offer exposure to new topics. Elective offerings vary, but have included topics such as photography, science problem-solving, cooking, storytelling, handcrafts, creative writing, psychology, and more. 

Ninth Grade Tenth Grade Eleventh Grade Twelfth Grade
Freshman Seminar Health & First Aid
Sophomore Seminar
Junior Seminar
Various Electives
Senior Seminar
Current Events
College Planning
Various Electives

Sacramento Waldorf School supports the healthy development of students through our Social Emotional Learning and Health Program (SEL) led by Megan Sullivan. Megan works collaboratively with our high school counselor to create a positive and helpful environment for our students. 

Social Emotional Learning Faculty

Megan Sullivan

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