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There are many ways to give to SWS.

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Gifts Types

Gifts of cash can be one-time gifts, recurring gifts (pledges), or employer matching gifts to the Annual Giving, which directly supports the operating budget. Gifts of cash can also support capital campaigns, memorial funds, the endowment or other restricted funds. Other forms of gifts include securities, bequests and planned giving, personal property, and gifts in kind.

One-Time Cash Gifts

All cash gifts are tax-deductible to the extent allowed under IRS regulations.

Pledge Gifts

Commitments made to campaigns as pledges can be paid on a schedule established by the donor over a period of months or years.

Matching Gifts

Many companies will match or multiply donations made by employees. Those who wish to significantly enhance the value of their gift are encouraged to contact the personnel office of their employer about matching-gift opportunities.

Endowment Gifts

The endowment was established to support both current and future generations of our students and faculty and will last in perpetuity, with only the payout from the fund spent each year. Gifts to the endowment give forever, providing a solid financial foundation for our future. The endowment provides donors the gratification of helping secure the School’s future with the joy in honoring a child, grandchild, or teacher in a meaningful way. Gifts can also celebrate a milestone or cement a memory. Further, endowing assets often provides tax savings and other financial benefits that enable donors to give more than might have thought possible.


A gift of appreciated securities, either publicly traded or from a private company, may provide greater tax advantages than gifts of cash. The donor can deduct the current fair market value as a charitable gift and completely avoid capital gains tax on appreciation.

Bequests and Other Planned Gifts

If SWS is named as a sole and irrevocable owner and beneficiary of a life insurance policy, the market value (usually the cash surrender value) of the policy is deductible as a charitable gift. Bequest intentions established by individuals who are 72 years of age and older and who provided written confirmation of their specific bequest provisions for SWS will be counted toward the campaign’s total. Life income gifts unitrusts, annuity trusts, pooled income fund contributions, and gift annuities) will be counted towards a campaign’s total at a present value of the reminder interest allowable to the donor as a deduction by the IRS.

Personal Property

Contributions of tangible personal property — including real estate, rate books, works of art, and antiques — may provide immediate tax advantages. Gifts of real estate and personal property will be credited at the appraised value at the time of the gift, provided there are no restrictions on the sale of the property.

Gifts in Kind

The Sacramento Waldorf School is blessed with families, volunteers, alumni, and community members that offer and share their diverse interests and incredible talents and time. Generous individuals from a wide range of professions such as professional architects, builders, attorneys, accountants, consultants, designers, chefs, artists, printers, and a host of other crafts- and trades-people have also donated many goods and services. While gifts-in-kind most often support our silent auction, other forms of gifts-in-kind are most welcome and appreciated.  Thank you for thinking of our School!

Give Your Time!

We truly value our talented, enthusiastic, and dedicated parents, grandparents, alumni, and alumni parents who volunteer time, skills, and energy to support the operations of the School. We anticipate that each family will make every effort to support the school with their time, talents, and energy. Please complete the Volunteer Form below to support your school.


  • School life, specifically the student experience, is greatly enriched by the committed participation of our parent community. SWS parents contribute their time, talents, and energy in countless ways. Please provide the information requested below to support our students and school community. Thank you for supporting SWS!
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