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~Retail fundraising is integral to our success .~

What is Retail Fundraising?

Retail fundraising represents the many ways you can support SWS indirectly through your regular shopping.

Great Lakes Scrip ( offers physical gift cards, electronic gift cards, and the option to reload both. Payment by check or directly from bank account. (Earn up to 50%)

This gift card fundraiser can potentially earn the highest yield for SWS – from 1-50%, depending on the merchant. In short, SWS asks families to pay gift cards to give away or pay for everyday purchases with gift cards purchased through this program; a percentage of every card sold becomes a donation.

  • Families purchase these gift cards at face value with cash, check, or EFT from their bank account
  • Register with SWS Enrollment Code and place orders online using an EFT from their bank account, which can allow for direct, immediate payment and electronic card availability
  • Register online SWS Enrollment Code and print order form from SWS website and turn in completed order forms by the first Wednesday of each month with your cash or check.
  • Click here for more instructions to register and purchase gift cards.

How much can we earn? Imagine a typical spending scenario for ONE family, similar to the example listed below.

Example – One Family’s Monthly Gift Card Purchase and Yearly Earnings
Description Per Week Per Month Per Year Average Rebate SWS Earnings
Food $75 $300 $3,600
Clothing $50 $600
Gas $25 $100 $1,200
Dining Out $50 $600
Total  $500 $6,000  5% $300/year

If we had 50 participating families, SWS could earn an extra $15,000 per year! allows you to shop online and dine and shop locally using a credit card or direct debit from bank account. (Earn up to 20%)

eScrip works by connecting schools and nonprofits with participating vendors from the website. Potential earnings are from select grocery and retail stores, restaurants, and travel vendors. Through this site, qualifying purchases with select vendors result in earnings. Yields vary by merchant.

  • Must create an account with and register all credit and debit cards, grocery and retail store loyalty cards, and phone numbers.
  • Must designate Sacramento Waldorf School to receive earnings
  • Must shop online or locally, dine out, book travel, or cruise with participating merchants to earn money for SWS

  • Amazon Smile – Use every time you shop with Amazon. Must designate Sacramento Waldorf School to receive earnings. (Earn 0.5%)

Consider using the “Scrip Gift Cards” to make your purchases and earn an additional 3-4% for SWS.

  •  Create your account with eScrip and you can earn up to 3% back for your favorite school or nonprofit. Get started making a difference when you shop with Save MartLucky or FoodMaxx supermarkets.

This is a very simple program requiring little effort on the part of SWS families. Participating vendors manufacture products containing the Box Tops for Education label on the external packaging. The label must be removed from the packaging intact and given to the Development Office (collection jar located in lower school foyer). Each box top label is worth 10¢. It’s that simple.

  • Additional earnings are possible through the website by participating in sweepstakes, contests, or
  • By downloading the app, and entering bonus box tops found on special product packaging.
  • Must create an individual account to participate in the extra earnings options.


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