We Are Reimagining Waldorf Education

Throughout our 60-year history, Sacramento Waldorf School has faced numerous challenges that have called upon the community to come together and rise above. We are facing such a moment today as we tenaciously and creatively collaborate to assure excellent education for our students, in the midst of a global pandemic. It is an unprecedented and pivotal moment.

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Reimagining Waldorf Education

With this challenge comes the opportunity to strengthen and build the capacity of our school. To meet the demands of the year ahead, and for years to come, we are reaching out to you, our community, to achieve the following:

  • Raise emergency tuition assistance funds to support families impacted by COVID-19.
  • Build outdoor furniture and fund structures and supplies to enable continued learning that maximizes use of our expansive campus.
  • Fund technology investments and improvements to assure that our School-to-Home distance learning program is effective, inclusive and vibrant. 
  • Shore up our Endowment Fund to increase long-term fiscal stability and enable flexibility and innovation.

For more information and to support our school community, please click on the “Donate” link below.

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There are many ways to give and support Sacramento Waldorf School: donations, volunteering, in-kind gifts, corporate matches, planned giving vehicles, and much more. For specific questions and suggestions, feel free to reach out to Kim Winters, Director of Development, at

We are immensely grateful for all you do to support our school!  Thank you! 


Opening Ceremony

Contributions to our school support our campus, curriculum, and campus in many ways, and ensure delivery of an education that supports all students.

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Endowment Fund

Sacramento Waldorf School Kindergarten Engaged

To ensure that Sacramento Waldorf School can provide the highest quality education for current and future students, we are launching a campaign to build the school’s Endowment. Once we raise $1,000,000 we will start using interest earned by the Endowment Fund to increase teacher compensation, tuition assistance and scholarship opportunities.

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Waves Business Directory

Open Heart

Our business directory features many entrepreneurs in our community in an effort to support their financial health.

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Special Events

Sacramento Waldorf School's 2019 Gala & Auction first grade parents

The Sacramento Waldorf School hosts several key events that raise essential funds for school needs and to fill the funding gap between tuition and our operating budget.

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