School Lunch

Lower School

WEDNESDAY              8th GRADE             Pizza $2.00 per Slice
                                                                          La Croix Drinks $1

THURSDAY                  7th GRADE             Pasta – Choice of Regular or Gluten Free Pasta $5.00
                                                                                       Choice of Marinara or Olive Oil
                                                                                       Choice of Green Beans or Applesauce 
                                                                          Izze Sparkling Juice (no added sugar, with vitamins) $1.00

Lunches will be delivered to the 1st and 2nd grade classrooms while all other grades will pick up their lunch under the administration awning.

Click Here for Pizza Ordering Form. Pizza forms are also available in the office.

Click Here for Pasta Ordering Form. Pasta forms are also available in the office.

High School

MONDAY               10th GRADE              Burgers – Choice of Beef or Veggie $5 will start in October
                                                                      Drinks $1

TUESDAY                9th GRADE               Burritos $5 

WEDNESDAY        11th GRADE               Teriyaki Bowls with Rice, Broccoli and either Chicken or Tofu $5
                                                                       Begins October 9, No sales October 16 due to PSAT testing.
                                                                       Drinks $1

THURSDAY            12th GRADE               Pizza $3/slice or 2 slices for $5
                                                                       Drinks $1

FRIDAY                  Science Olympiad    Chow Mein – Veggie ($4) or Chicken ($5) 
                                                                        Drinks $1

The “Senior Store” is open for healthy snack sales each day during morning break,
and at lunch times when there is no offering of a hot lunch.