Parent Guild

Our mission is to provide value and service to our school community.

The Parent Guild is run by parents who want to share their unique talents and have a positive impact at our school. Every parent at Sacramento Waldorf School is considered a member. We strive to keep all parents informed on school news and facilitate volunteering. We welcome new ideas and participation! The Parent Guild also serves as the voice of parents while supporting our Teachers, Administration, Board of Trustees, and College of Teachers.

The Parent Guild is organized with the following elected positions: Chair, Co-Chair, Treasurer and Secretary. Currently, our work is accomplished through these committees: Parent Education, Harvest Faire, Hospitality, and New Parent Welcome.

Each grade has a volunteer Parent Guild Representative who provides a direct line of communication to connect families with the entire Sacramento Waldorf School community and share school news and information with parents.  Representatives also help organize volunteers from each grade for the various festivals and special events our school offers. A team concept where 2 or more parents act as a grade’s Representative is a welcomed approach that gives busy parents scheduling flexibility.