Our school is bustling with activity from morning to evening with daily classes, seasonal festivals, fundraising events, parent class meetings, parent-teacher conferences, team sports, multi-cultural events, aftercare free play, concerts, plays, club activities, special lectures, educational support and more.

Sacramento Waldorf High School Grade 12 Students in Physics 2021, photo by Zoart Photo

Why Is the Sacramento Waldorf High School Experience Remarkable?

By Dean SmithEvery morning in our high school, teachers lead students in a verse, then circulate around the room, recognizing ...Read More

SWS Athletic Director, Dean Smith

Athletic Director, Dean Stark

Dean Stark was interviewed by Justin Clymo for his "Contacts" podcast recently. The focus of the conversation is lessons learned over Dean's four ...Read More

Child in Raingear is Playing in a Puddle

11 Ways to Transform Your Backyard into a Learning Space for Kids

Providing our children with the opportunity to learn and explore within natural spaces at an early age can be one ...Read More

#BlackLivesMatter march Photo by alexis-fauvet on Unsplash

How to Speak to Young Children About Race

For some families, talking about race is a regular part of life. For others, it is a subject that can ...Read More

Kim-Fredrik Schneider, Alum 1997

Alumni Changing the World: Kim-Fredrik Schneider

By Jennifer Alafranji, Community Outreach and Event ManagerI first met Kim-Fredrik Schneider at Grand May Day a few years back. ...Read More

Heidi Boucher, married to a Sacramento Waldorf School Alum '81, Alum Parent

Heidi Boucher, Sacramento Waldorf School Graduate of ’82

On this day we honor Heidi Boucher, Sacramento Waldorf School graduate, alumni parent of three and grandmother of three. Her ...Read More

Ann and Leon Mathews circa 1976

Honoring Leon and Ann Matthews

Ann and Leon Mathews circa 1976 Our school campus sits in sweet repose while new animal companions join Farmer Steve, ...Read More

February 11, 2020, 9:00am's KXTV report on the Homeless Period Project. Each year, our High School students have a donation drive for products to create bags to donate to this Sacramento non-profit.

Homeless Period Project - KXTV 02/11/2020 9am Your California Life: Students at Sacramento Waldorf School are currently collecting donations for the Homeless Period Project for the ...Read More

February 11, 2020, 6:00am's KXTV report on the Homeless Period Project. Each year, our High School students have a donation drive for products to create bags to donate to this Sacramento non-profit.

Homeless Period Project - KCRA 02/11/2020 6am A lesson in humanity; students in Sacramento are helping the homeless in the capital city. ...Read More

Game on: The Bee’s All-Decade girls and boys prep basketball teams

Dean Stark Named to All-Decade Coaching Staff by Sacramento Bee in this article by Joe Davidson. Read the Full Article ...Read More

Sacramento Waldorf School Citrus Garden - KTXL Fox40

Fox 40 news talks with Stephen Payne and students about their impressive citrus garden. ...Read More

Seniors Collaborate Over Climate Change Project

Classmates for Climate Change

November 28, 2019Inside Sacramento December Jessica LaskeyDecember 2019 Two high school seniors at Sacramento Waldorf School are making the ...Read More

Diversity & Inclusion: Overused and Undervalued

By Tabor Martinsen, SWS Alum (2011) and Recruiter and Diversity Program Specialist for Facebook As a Waldorf Alum, I was ...Read More

KMAX: Sacramento Waldorf School Brings Awareness to Climate Change Through Composting

Tyler and Riley start an initiative to bring awareness to climate change through composting at the school farm. ...Read More

Sacramento Waldorf Turns 60 as Global Program Marks Centennial

The Sacramento Waldorf campus turned 60 years old. Here’s a look at the festivities and history of the school. View ...Read More

KTXL: Extracurricular Activities at Sacramento Waldorf School

School administrators discuss stimulating activities to inspire imagination and creativity to expand your child learning. ...Read More

Sacramento Waldorf Administrators Speak About Back to School Routines on KCRA

Administrators from Sacramento Waldorf School discuss the back to school routine, and three things parents should focus on this year. ...Read More