Community Education

The Sacramento Waldorf School recognizes that parenting is a journey. Understanding child development and discussing current issues is a way that we support parents who are within our School, as well as from the greater Sacramento area.  

Parenting education is offered through class meetings, special workshops, Speaker Series events, Waldorf Talks, study groups, Open Houses, and more. Adult education is enhanced by our monthly Waldorf Talks series and an evening Speaker Series event in which noted experts and faculty members present important information and new findings on topics relevant to parents. During the monthly Alumni Highlights, parents can learn what our students do post graduation.

Speaker Series and Waldorf Talks topics have included what happens to Waldorf students when they graduate, discussing sexuality with your children, Waldorf questions and myths, and healthy movement for children.

Foundations / Professional Development

Professional Development and Foundations Program chalkboard

Would you like to take a deep dive into Waldorf education or learn more about our teaching methods and underlying philosophies? Are you interested in the future of Waldorf education?

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Biodynamic Gardening Series

Sacramento Waldorf School Farm

Sacramento Waldorf School Foundations Studies Program is honored to host Harold Hoven's Spring Series on the Sacramento Waldorf High School campus.

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Kim John Payne | Being at Your Parenting Best

Kim John Payne Talk

Learn how to be your best, find your voice, rediscover a normal day and feel seen and valued. Put your hands back on your emotional driving wheel and reconnect to your children in new ways.

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