2022 Girl Up!

The SWS Student Council hosted the school’s third 24-hour walkathon in support of the organization Girl Up on the weekend of May 14-15.

What is Girl Up?

Girl Up is an organization founded by the United Nations Foundation in 2010 to support adolescent girls around the world. One of its primary objectives is to raise funds for adolescent girls in developing countries who lack access to the education, healthcare, and social and economic opportunities many of us take for granted. In the past few years, though, Girl Up has expanded its initiatives so that it is now fighting against gender discrimination in 130 different countries across the globe.

Donations to Girl Up help girls around the world in many different ways. Some of the money raised helps fund United Nations programs that support refugee girls in developing countries like Ethiopia and Uganda, while some of the money goes to support programs that increase access to education for girls in countries such as India, Liberia, Malawi, and Afghanistan. Donations also help support Girl Up clubs in many different countries, including the United States, that help girls advocate for change. For stories of girls empowered by Girl Up to take action to end gender discrimination in their own communities, click here.

In 2018 and 2019, the Student Council organized and hosted a walkathon through which thousands of dollars were raised and donated to Girl Up. We plan on continuing this tradition this year. Our goal is to raise $10,000! See below for information on how to get involved.

Students Participate in the Girl Up! annual walk-a-thon
High School Students participate in the walk-a-thon for Girl Up!

The 2022 walkathon was a great success with a tremendous show of support from the SWS community. Over 100 students – and also many parents, grandparents, alums, faculty, and staff – took part by walking the track on the soccer field. Some stayed for a few hours, some stayed for the whole day, and an impressive number stayed for the full 24 hours.

A total of eight teams competed, amassing more than 7000 laps, with some participants walking more than 100 laps (the equivalent of about 25 miles)! And thanks to the hundreds of generous donors from our community, the walkathon raised over $24,000 in support of Girl Up – over twice the initial goal!

There is still time to donate, so if you haven’t donated yet (or wish to make an additional gift), please visit the event’s fundraising page at: