Our school is bustling with activity from morning to evening with daily classes, seasonal festivals, fundraising events, parent class meetings, parent-teacher conferences, team sports, multi-cultural events, aftercare free play, concerts, plays, club activities, special lectures, educational support and more.

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Key Dates 2021/2022

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News & Events Emails

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Grade 10 Working with Clay

Tune in here for exciting news and stories about our Sacramento Waldorf School.

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Life at the Sacramento Waldorf School is enhanced by a host of festivals, celebrations, performances and events held throughout the year to mark the passage of seasons and holidays, developmental milestones, significant historical moments, as well as many valued opportunities to learn and support our school.

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Waves Business Directory

Open Heart

Our business directory features many entrepreneurs in our community in an effort to support their financial health.

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Parent Involvement

Following are important resources for parents on our school policies and opportunities for getting involved.

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Community Education

The Sacramento Waldorf School recognizes that parenting is a journey. Understanding child development and discussing current issues is a way that we support parents who are within our School, as well as from the greater Sacramento area.

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Summer Program

We offer 6 weeks of activities and immersive fun on the beautiful, 22-acre Sacramento Waldorf School campus. Each day children will enjoy a variety of structured pursuits as well as time to play and engage socially.

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