Building Confidence: To Change the World, Teens Must Know the Good in Themselves

By Nicole Bradshaw and Izabela Deleon

This article was published on 06.06.19 in the Sacramento News and Review

Nicole Bradshaw, left, lives in Gold River and plans to attend Arizona State University. Izabela Deleon lives in El Dorado Hills and plans to attend St. Louis University. Both graduate on June 15 from Sacramento Waldorf School.

For our senior project, we interviewed 50 students, asking them what they love about themselves. We were trying to determine how important it is for teens to have self-confidence.

We assumed younger children would answer quickly and confidently, middle-school students might not see their own beauty and older teens would finally know themselves enough to answer well. What surprised us most was that 20 percent of the students we interviewed could not answer the question at all, and only 10 percent had a quick answer ready.

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