Alumni Profile – Tabor Martinsen

Name: Tabor Martinsen

Occupation: Recruiter

City I call home: San Francisco

Current or previous post-high school education: Whitman College

How did SWS prepare you for your life?  SWS gave me a well-rounded set of skills, experiences, and (most importantly) the confidence to pursue whatever I felt was worth pursuing in life. 

What was your favorite field trip at SWS?  Field trips were one my favorite parts about attending SWS so choosing a favorite is tough! That said, I especially loved our architecture field trip to the Bay Area with Mr. Sigerson. 

What was the most useful class you took?  I don’t know if there’s any ONE class that stands out as more useful than the rest; it really just depends on the day. Sometimes I’ll find myself thinking about Percival, or William Wordsworth’s romantic epics, or dissecting the Old testament in Bible studies, or playing with the Punnett Square in Cellular Biology, or sitting in the grass near the river, learning about American Transcendentalism. Hardly a day goes by where I don’t reminisce about an obscure moment from a forgotten class and wish I could re-live every experience I had at SWS. 

Best Memory from SWS:  There are way too many memories to count but I have a special place for anything we did that felt bigger than simply “going to school”. E.g. Working as an entire grade class on our annual lip sync performance, or determining our class advent sketch, etc. I really cherish every moment we got to spend as a unified group and bonding outside of typical class work. How special an experience we were fortunate to have! 

What art/woodshop/handwork project worked out best for you?  Probably a painting I did for one of my classes (specifically one of the paintings I did for our Africa main lesson block). But I loved every art class. I have my own art website where I sell commissioned art to clients (I even sold a piece to my college that they have displayed on campus). 

What would your autobiography be called?  I love good book titles, so it’d have to be something catchy and satisfying like, “The Art of the Zag” or “In Pursuit of Serendipity” or “Fortuitous Odysseys” Or “The Peripatetic Man”. (You can probably tell I’ve thought about this too much). 

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