Why Sacramento Waldorf High School?

Have you been looking for a high school where your teen receives inspiring, rigorous academics, a supportive community of peers and teachers who care about their progress and their passions, and opportunities for sports, music, drama, and art?

Sacramento Waldorf High School is the place where your teen can have it all without the anonymity and intense competition of most modern high schools.

The Most Asked Questions About Sacramento Waldorf High School

Day in the Life at Sacramento Waldorf High School

An Alumni Interview with Dean Stark and Atli Cervantes


Here, your teen matters. Your teen is known. Your teen belongs.

Sacramento Waldorf High Schoolhigh school love - SacWaldorf Admissions ProcessHigh School Love - Admissions Process for Sacramento Waldorf High School

Sacramento Waldorf High School is a place where teens manifest their unique talents and gifts, pursue their passions, and build a sense of confidence in their ability to go forward into the world with purpose and passion. Your teen belongs here!

Plus, our community welcomes students’ entire families. Learn about opportunities for parents and siblings here.