International Students

Our International Program is for high school students from outside the United States who are interested in a three or four-year program, and who intend to graduate from our high school. We welcome applications from international students and value the cultural diversity and individual gifts our current international students bring to the student body.

International Student Admissions and Application

  • Step 1:  Contact our Admissions team at
  • Step 2: Complete the International Student application and submit it with the non-refundable $125 International Student application fee. The International Application fee may be paid by PayPal, see below.
  • Step 3: Once we have received your complete application and the application fee, we will schedule a preliminary Skype interview to determine your English language proficiency level.
  • Step 4: The final interview will be scheduled with and conducted by senior faculty members.
  • Please Note: All new and continuing students must have the vaccinations required under state law SB 277, effective January 1, 2016. International students must have their vaccination records translate to English. Consider starting the process early as some vaccination series can take six months to complete and translation of these records to English adds more time. For more information about California SB 277, school immunization requirements, and resources, please visit the California Department of Public Health’s website.

We prefer that students apply for admission into grade nine or ten. Students who are applying to grades 10, 11, or 12 are required to provide a translated copy of academic records for high school equivalent education in a foreign country.  Have your academic records translated. (We do not accept international applications from students below grade nine unless the applying student will live with their parents full-time in the local community of Fair Oaks. For more information about lower school admissions, please contact our Admissions team at, and complete a Lower School Application.)


Student Application Fees


  • Improve your English language fluency
  • Prepare for attendance at U.S. universities
  • Challenge yourself
  • Make lifelong friends with native English speakers and students from all over the world
  • Participate in clubs and sports
  • Immerse yourself in a different culture

Program Details

  • We help high school international students connect with a local host family
  • Full immersion:  International Students attend classes alongside all other students
  • The school provides the I-20 form
  • Tuition for New High School International Students in 2020/2021 is $24,700, not including home-stay fees
  • Tuition for New Lower School International Students in 2020/2021 is $21,115. Lower School students must live with their parents while they attend the Sacramento Waldorf School
  • Required home-stay fees are usually around $1,500-1,600 per month for Room and Board
  • Success in our curriculum is largely dependent on the student’s ability to respond to course material in writing. While we provide some limited on-site tutoring, we do expect international students to be proficient in English speaking, reading, and writing. All international students are required to take tutoring in English in school during foreign language class and after school four days per week. This mandatory tutoring has an additional fee of $5,000 per year.
  • International Students are required to have Medical and Dental Insurance and to receive all California/U.S.-required immunization shots before they start classes. Insurance for international students may be purchased through TaiAn Insurance through the websites listed below. The pages below also detail the required level of insurance students must have. Proof of Insurance is a requirement for students to attend Sacramento Waldorf School.

Sacramento Waldorf School required Medical Insurance page in Chinese

Waldorf School required Medical Insurance page in English

English Proficiency – Confidence in Speaking, Reading, and Writing

All candidates must demonstrate proficiency in oral and written English as we do not provide ESL support. We require non-native English speakers to take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or other equivalent tests. Below are the scores that are guidelines for the minimum English proficiency students need to thrive at our school. We conduct a comprehensive interview via Skype with each applicant. During the admissions process and new student orientation, we will meet with each student to determine the amount of additional tutoring that a student will require in order to be able to pass our courses and to thrive in our school. This tutoring will be beyond the limited tutoring that we provide, and will be an extra charge. Parents must be prepared to support this tutoring until the school determines that the student no longer requires additional help. Additional tutoring costs approximately $4,000 or more per school year and will continue at the discretion of the school.

550 80 213 750 6  55

Campus Visit & Interview

All international students are welcome to schedule a campus visit and interview when school is in session. If you cannot visit in person, a Skype interview can be arranged after our admissions office receives your application.

I-20 Form

After the international applicant is accepted by Sacramento Waldorf School, the parents must

  • Sign and return the enrollment contract
  • Pay the $3,000 non-refundable enrollment fee; $2,000 of this fee will be applied to the cost of Tuition
  • Provide evidence of financial support in the amount of $39,000 for the first year of study
  • Tell us the name and address of the student’s local host

When these items are complete, then Sacramento Waldorf School can issue the I-20 form.

If you have any questions, please contact our Admissions Team at

Living Arrangements

International High School Students live with a local host family while attending Sacramento Waldorf School. Students who need help in locating an appropriate host family must make this clear at the time of application to the high school. Applicants are encouraged to live with an English-speaking family. The approximate cost for staying with a host family is $1,500-1,600 per month for ten months (total $15,000-16,000 per year). Students are expected to participate in the life of the family. Of course parents and students meet their perspective host families via Skype to ensure compatibility. The school seeks host families from our local Waldorf community as close as possible to the Sacramento Waldorf School campus. Under no circumstances may students work with agencies that charge fees for hosting services. The school receives no fees from home-stay families.