High School Admissions Process

Grades 9-12 Admissions Process 

Thank you for your interest in Sacramento Waldorf High School. 

Step 1 – Parents: Please complete the Parent Questionnaire**. Include grades and/or transcripts, standardized test scores, and all teacher reports for the past year. If the prospective student has learning differences, please include all relevant information such as test results and accommodation plans.

Step 2 – Student:  Please complete the High School Student Questionnaire** and do the following:

  1. Student Essay: Write a handwritten essay (minimum of 250 words) on why you would like to attend Sacramento Waldorf High School.
  2. Student Drawing: Draw a picture of a human being.
  3. Scan the Essay and Drawing to a pdf document and include with your application

Step 3 – Teacher Recommendation: Give a copy of the High School Applicant Assessment Form** to one or more teachers or counselors at your present school. Provide the teacher(s) with a pre-addressed, stamped envelope and have them send the recommendation directly to us or email it to admissions@sacwaldorf.org.

Step 4 – Pay the Application Fee and Submit Documents. Submit the completed documents by attaching them to an email and send to admissions@sacwaldorf.org  The non-refundable application fee of $75 may be paid through PayPal below.

Step 5:  Once the fee is paid and all documents are complete and received, the process will continue with an interview with both the parents and student.

**Download and save a copy of each form from above. To download pdf documents, please use Adobe Reader. This is a free app on both iPhone and Androids. Go to https://get2.adobe.com/reader/

Complete each saved form and re-save. These are the documents that will be attached to an email and sent to the Admissions department.

Student Application Fees/Deposits