Thank You for Your Interest in Sacramento Waldorf School​

Dear Families,

Thank you for your interest in Sacramento Waldorf School.  We are excited to explore the possibility of beginning your student’s Waldorf education.  We ask that you complete our inquiry form and someone from our Admissions Team will contact you.

For the online information meeting, we ask to limit the visit to parents only. We find that limiting this meeting to adults only allows parents to concentrate fully on the information provided. When you schedule an in-person tour, children are welcome to attend.

For the 2022-2023 school year, we look forward to continuing work that will strengthen community, both in the classrooms and on campus.

Sacramento Waldorf School’s focus is on experiential and multi-disciplinary learning. We take an active approach to teaching, integrating the senses and different subjects like arts and music, as well as a range of tactics to best stimulate the mind to retain what is being learned. The Waldorf classroom experience also is designed to build strong relationships, enhance social and emotional learning, and to create community bonds through seasonal events, festivals, assemblies, plays, and more.

On behalf of Sacramento Waldorf School,

Ana Ganison

Admissions Director