The administrative staff oversee the daily operational aspects of the entire school, while also supporting the self-governance of our faculty. The whole school is supported by staff in the Lower School and High School Administration, Admissions, Development, Facilities, Information Technology (IT), Business, Athletics, and Student Services.

Kat McFee
Whole School Administrator

A first-generation Brazilian immigrant raised with a midwestern work ethos, Kat McFee (she/hers) brings passion and insight to her role as a Waldorf educator and Whole School Administrator at The Sacramento Waldorf School. Kat was the K-8 Dean of Pine Hill-High Mowing School and held leadership roles in public and Waldorf schools as a class teacher for 25 years. When her children were young, Kat and other founding families established Prairie Moon Waldorf School in Lawrence, Kansas, under the wise mentorship of Rick Mitchell. Kat holds a BS in Education and Anthropology from Emporia State University in Kansas, an MEd in Education, an English Language Learner Endorsement, and a Waldorf Teaching Certificate from Antioch University. Her love and dedication to Waldorf education was deeply informed by many years of training through Rudolf Steiner College in Fair Oaks. Researching, pursuing, and nurturing the potential in educational environments is her life’s work.

Kat was deeply impacted by her first teaching position in the school district where the landmark Brown v. Board of Education case changed American public education forever. Kat’s focus is the integration of humanity: she has served and led schools with rigorous teaching and organizational models through a developing lens of equity, innovative learning approaches, and cultural expansion. Her teaching career focused on inclusivity: meeting students in the fullest expression of their diversity.

A life-long advocate of collaborative and progressive educational practices led Kat to Waldorf education in the 1990s and to work in Waldorf schools in 2006. Though much has been gained in her years serving in large school districts and other large Waldorf schools, the qualities of Sacramento Waldorf School set it apart as a flagship school poised to be of service to education with unique and inspiring responsibilities.

Kat prioritizes diversity in practice, innovation, collaborative governance, and focuses her administrative work on social renewal and the promise of a brighter future. “The commitment to strengthen our student’s capacity to meet the future is what brought me to Waldorf education,” she says. “Through my decades of research, I have never encountered a more effective pedagogical approach.”

Kat lives with her husband, a long-time Waldorf educator and a pioneer of one of the first forest kindergarten programs in North America. They enjoy expeditions to the ocean and the mountains where they rendezvous with their four adult children and grandchildren.

Contact Kat: 916-961-3900

Dean Smith
High School Administrator

A northern California native, Dean Smith (he/his) attended public school and graduated from CSU East Bay (formerly CSU Hayward) with degrees in math and computer science. After college, he went to work as a software engineer for Hewlett Packard, where he worked for 13 years while studying computer science in graduate school at Stanford University. However, a typing injury sidelined his first career. After beginning his family in Silicon Valley, he and his wife decided to relocate their family to the Sacramento area, where he spent time as a stay-at-home dad while reconsidering his career.

After discovering Waldorf education, Dean began Waldorf teacher training in 2003 with the goal of teaching high school math. He began teaching at Live Oak Waldorf School while his daughter attended preschool and transitioned to administrative work after the birth of his son. In 2008, he stepped into the role of assistant administrator and eventually took over as co-administrator. When his daughter was ready for high school, his family moved to the Sacramento Waldorf School. Dean fulfilled the role of IT manager and taught computer and math classes until he stepped into a high school administrator position in 2017.

The Sacramento Waldorf School’s meandering campus and the roots of Waldorf education inspire Dean. Trained in the Feldenkrais Method, he is interested in how humans learn. His philosophy drives his lifestyle, informing his career and parenting choices. “The basis and foundations of Waldorf education are so deep, I trusted it,” he says. “The more I worked at Waldorf schools, the more I became enmeshed myself. It fits what I value and being in a community where that is honored and encouraged is important.”

“This education works,” Dean says. “It’s heartening to walk the process. Our high school students are clear about who they are; they can self-advocate, they can look you in the eye, and have a conversation. The students get to a place as human beings where they are potent; they can move into the world and have authorship over what they are doing. I love being part of that process and watching it happen.”

Dean lives in Granite Bay with his wife, an email marketing manager at Hewlett Packard, and their children. His daughter graduated from Sacramento Waldorf School in 2018 and is a senior in college, and his son is a high school senior.

Contact Dean: 916-961-3900

Nici Price
Lower School Administrator

Nici Price (she/her) believes that the quality of our school depends entirely on the quality of our interactions. She strives to be helpful, curious, kind, and to make everyone feel valued. Nici’s goal as the Lower School Administrator is threefold: to bring form, meaning, and joy to every project she works on and to her interactions with the students, faculty, and parents. Nici has brought many gifts to Sacramento Waldorf School in her years as SWS Extended Day Program Coordinator and her involvement with ourSummer Program.  Nici has a background in team building and event management and has integrated this experience into Waldorf festivals and programming initiatives. “Waldorf Education has blessed my life in a myriad of ways from a healthy social life to an awakening of stewardship of the natural world.” She says, “Waldorf Schools are centers for both inner and outer transformation.”  Before coming to SWS, Nici was a Kindergarten Assistant Teacher at Sanderling Waldorf School in southern California, where she served as co-chair of the Parent Association for many years. Nici has a BA in Liberal Studies from Arizona State University and is working toward a Waldorf Administration Certificate through Sound Circle Center, Seattle, WA. She currently serves as the administrator of the Foundations/Professional Development program at Sacramento Waldorf School.  Nici originates from Suva, Republic of Fiji, the largest metropolitan city in the South Pacific. Her family immigrated to the Southwestern United States when she was a young child. She is of Chinese, Irish, and Russian heritage and feels very fortunate to have been raised with an appreciation of diverse cultures and the experiences of others. Having parents from both Eastern and Western cultures has brought Nici to an understanding of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice as a lived experience. Mrs. Price views the four cultural components of DEIJ as intersecting differently in everyone’s lives. She believes our work is to bring down whatever barriers exist between us, because all of us, in one way or another, have some aspect of DEIJ playing out in our lives. “The concept of intersectionality gives us a framework within which to talk about race and justice in meaningful ways.”  Nici continues to serve as administrator of the Foundation/Professional Development program at Sacramento Waldorf School in alignment with her mission to educate and strengthen our school community from the inside out.