Sacramento Waldorf School

College of Teachers

The College of Teachers is a group of faculty and staff who consciously assume responsibility for the pedagogical and spiritual health of the School. Through active research and extensive study during weekly gatherings, the group seeks to uphold and apply the principles of Waldorf education, set forth by Rudolf Steiner, in every grade and academic endeavor throughout the Sacramento Waldorf School. The College is assisted in its work by two committees with the following designated responsibilities:

  • Steering Committee

Steering Committee members are responsible for faculty personnel management, including recruitment, hiring, and evaluation; crisis management; and enforcement of the policies of the College of Teachers and the Board of Trustees

  • Teacher Development Committee

This committee is responsible for coordinating the mentoring and professional development of faculty, including in-service days and professional growth plans

2016/2017 College of Teachers Members

  • Marcela Iglesias
  • Jody Arthur
  • Marion Downey
  • Nicole Fields
  • Melissa Hiatt
  • Robin Immen
  • Ari Magruder
  • Isabelle Tabacot
  • Sarah Winfield
Jody Arthur

2015-16 College of Teachers – Jody Arthur not pictured.

In addition, a system of faculty committees supports the pedagogical and community life of the school. These committees may vary from year to year, but include: Festivals, Aesthetics, Extended Care, and Educational Support.

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