Sacramento Waldorf School

Meet Our Staff

Community Outreach & Event Manager

alafranji-jenniferJennifer Alafranji

(Joined SWS 2016)

Contact Jennifer: or 916-860-2504

Director of Admissions

Cindi Bradshaw (also see message from Cindi)

Cindi is a current parent at SWS and is very familiar with our school community. She brings a wealth of valuable experience to the position. Her career started as a Human Resource Manager for Macy’s where she also took on roles as College Relations and Executive Placement Manager and Regional Internet Recruitment Specialist. She discovered Waldorf education for her two children in 2006 at the Davis Waldorf School where she was later hired to work in development. She has held roles in community development for the Robert Mondavi Institute for Wine and Food Science at UC Davis and as a career counselor. She believes wholeheartedly in the gifts of Waldorf education and its strong community. (Joined SWS 2017)

Contact Cindi: or 916-860-2518


Facilities Assistant

Chapman, GilbertGilbert Chapman

(Joined SWS 2012)

Contact Gilbert:  Email our Facilities Manager, Scott at or 916-860-2526

Lower School Assistant and Registrar

Angela Cowham

(Joined SWS 2018)

Contact Angela: or 916-860-2511

General Information/Lower School Reception

Misty DeGennaro

(Joined SWS 2018)

Contact Misty: or 916-860-2510

High School International Student Tutor/Lower School Educational Support

Amy Elder

Amy has been tutoring international students in our lower school and we are fortunate that she is available to take on this role in the high school. She will continue to be available to our lower school students as she accepts her new responsibilities in the high school.
(Joined SWS 2017)

Operations Manager

Wendy Gittleman

(Joined SWS 2012)

Contact Wendy: or 916-860-2507

Administrative Staff (Accounting)

Neva Hale

(Joined SWS 2016)

Contact Neva:  or 916-860-2532


Marcela Iglesias (also see welcome message from Marcela)

(Joined SWS 2014)

Contact Marcela: or 916-860-2521

General Information/Lower School Reception

leksich-valerieValerie Leksich

(Joined SWS 2001)

Contact Valerie: or 916-860-2510

Lower School Administrator

Zach Menzer

(Joined SWS 2018)

Contact Zach: or 916-860-2512

High School Assistant

miller-wendyWendy Miller

(Joined SWS 2014)

Contact Wendy: or 916-860-2517

Administrative Staff (Admissions/Veracross)

Betsy Petering

(Joined SWS 2014)

Contact Betsy: or 916-860-2522

IT Staff

petering-johnJohn Petering (also see faculty bio)

(Joined SWS 2001)

Contact John: or 916-863-3569

Educational Support

Dr. Whyt Pugh

BA (Hons), English Literature (University of Glamorgan, UK); PhD, Literature (University of South Wales, UK); Steiner Waldorf Class Teacher Credential (West of England Steiner Teacher Training, UK); Special Education Credential (Steiner Waldorf Association for Special Educational Needs and Dyslexia, UK). Whyt held a fundamental role in the creation of the Cardiff Steiner School in Wales where she was a Class Teacher, served as Educational Coordinator, and set up the Learning Support Department. She also taught Literary Theory and Romanticism classes at the University of South Wales from 2013 to 2015. Whyt is an award-winning writer who enjoys open-water swimming, archaeology, and traditional crafts. She is married to Shane (a Waldorf woodwork teacher), has two lovely step-daughters, two adorable grandchildren, and an enormous Angora rabbit. (Joined SWS 2016)

Contact Whyt: or 916-860-2509

IT Manager

Scott Rulon

(Joined SWS 2018)

Contact Scott: or 916-860-2505

Extended Care Program Director

Kristin Little 

Kristin has been in our kindergarten aftercare program for the past four and a half years. We were fortunate to have her expand this role in 2018 to become the Lower School and Kindergarten Extended Care Director.

(Joined SWS 2014)

Contact Kristin:

High School Administrator

Dean Smith

(Joined SWS 2014)

Contact Dean: or 916-860-2525

Facilities Manager

Scott Sodenkamp

(Joined SWS 2016)

Contact Scott: or 916-860-2526

Administrative Staff (Admissions)

Terri Stewart

(Joined SWS 2017)

Contact Terri: or 916-860-2515

Social Emotional Learning

sullivan-meganMegan Sullivan (also see faculty bio)

(Joined SWS 2015)

Contact Megan: or 916-860-2536

High School Registrar

Elizabeth Tiedemann

(Joined SWS 2014)

Contact Elizabeth: or 916-860-2534

High School Counselor/High School Coordinating Team

walters-janisJanis Walters

BA in Psychology; MA in Counseling; Pupil Personnel Services Credential; Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist; Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor; College Counseling Certificate. Janis was a K-8 school counselor for eight years, an adjunct college instructor for ten years, and enjoyed staying home with her daughter for six years before coming to Sacramento Waldorf School. (Joined SWS 2010)

Contact Janis: or 916-860-2519

Director of Development

Kim Winter

(Joined SWS 2018)

Contact Kim: or 916-860-2524