Sacramento Waldorf School


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The administrator and administrative staff oversee the daily operational aspects of the entire school, while also supporting the self-governance of our faculty. The whole school is supported by staff in Admissions, Development, Facilities, Information Technology (IT), Business, Athletics, HS/LS Coordinating, and Student Services.


Front Desk/Reception

Tours, Applications, and Admissions

Outreach, Development, Fundraising, and Events

Maintenance and Facilities

Information Technology

Business Operations, Tuition and Financial Assistance

Lower School Coordinating Team

  • Nicole Deutsch, Lower School Assistant, is the main point of contact for any lower school needs, including Early Childhood
  • Denis Fitts handles needs relating to specialty subject teachers
  • Nicole Fields works with parents regarding main lesson/class teachers
  • Ari Magruder handles coordination of administrative needs

High School Coordinating Team

Student Services

Waves Athletics