Making Masks

How can we support one another when we need to be safely distanced? There are many ways as we are discovering. Whether we make a call to lift spirits, sew a mask for a healthcare worker, tutor a student, or donate money to a food bank, we are helping.

Following are volunteer ideas and opportunities, to support our school community, our Sacramento community, and the world during this time of need.

Waldorf students learn to hand and machine sew. The picture above is of face mask kits that were lovingly put together by our handwork teacher, Mrs. Fields. 

Many of our Parents are health care workers in hospitals. Please read the following letters from heath care professionals in our community:

Volunteer to Make Protective Masks

Shifa Community Clinic and Second Breath Initiatives

Hand Sewing Stuffed Animals

The CDC Has a Page  about Wearing Cloth Masks with Patterns 

They also give instructions for a Quick Face Mask requiring no sewing machine.

There are 2 ways to make t-shirt face masks. One is on the website listed above, and they have a video with another method. The video has the U.S. Surgeon General demonstrating this technique.

For the hearing impaired, there is another video about making Face Masks.