Revisioning 2020: September Reopening

We will update this page with Parent Resources and information we receive from the California Department of Public Health and The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) about COVID-19 as it relates to Sacramento Waldorf School. We encourage you to continue to visit the CDC and public health websites to stay up-to-date on current conditions. Many of their links are in the Family Resources section.

Community Updates

Family Resources

River Rock Shore

Here are resources for family, for caregiving, and for giving yourself care.

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What's New on the Farm

Lower School Students Make a Bed Ready for New Planting

Farmer Steve has a small group of gardeners helping to keep the vegetable beds planted. See what’s new. 

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Making Masks

Basket with Kits with materials for students to use when making face masks

In times like these, people want to help and sometimes don’t know how or what to do. Here, we offer suggestions and calls for action from many sources

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