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Meet Our Teachers

First Grade – Class of 2029

Ally Sokolowski
BA Liberal Studies (Emphasis in Physics, Minor in Music), Mills College and Waldorf Teaching Certificate, Waldorf Teacher Education-Eugene. Ally taught for eight years at the Waldorf School of the Peninsula in the Silicon Valley, and she graduated her first eighth grade class in 2017. After a long stretch of working in the high-tech world of the Silicon Valley, Ally found her true calling as a Waldorf Teacher. She has a special love of painting and sewing. She enjoys eating at new restaurants, watching movies with her family, winning at board games, floating in their swimming pool, and singing along to the oldies. (Joined SWS 2017)

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Second Grade – Class of 2028

srikant-hemaHema Srikant
Hema comes to us with a BS (Honors) in Zoology (Chennai University, India) and an MBA (Honors) in Information Systems and Management (Chennai University). She has also completed Foundation Studies (Toronto Steiner Center), Consciousness Studies (Rudolf Steiner College), and her Waldorf Teacher Education Certificate (Rudolf Steiner College). Hema grew up in coastal India in two of the most culturally diverse melting pots of the subcontinent.  After earning her BS and MBA, she had a career with global corporations in marketing & business development before moving to North America. Here her teaching work commenced amidst a group of children with special needs.  Over the last decade Hema has been immersed in Waldorf education through her teaching at the Waldorf Schools in Toronto and Calgary along with her studies in anthroposophy and education in both Toronto and Fair Oaks. Among the few simple things closest to Hema’s heart are her family, music, and meditation. (Joined SWS 2016)

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Third Grade – Class of 2027

duncan-tammyTammy Duncan
BA in Education, California State University, Sacramento; Adult Teaching Credential in Early Childhood Education, University of California, Davis; Credential in Multicultural Studies, University of California, Davis; Waldorf Teaching Certificate, Rudolf Steiner College. Born in California, Tammy has been playfully teaching since childhood. Gathering up neighborhood children to attend makeshift summer schools in her backyard where learning was achieved through skits, carnivals and even the occasional gambling casino! After spending her early adult years working in the travel industry and exploring many cultures around the world, she discovered the Waldorf philosophy in the late 1980s. This was like the proverbial “coming home” as it combined so much of what she already practiced in her life. She received her Waldorf teaching certification in 1997 and opened a Waldorf preschool. However, this was not enough. She longed to have a broader understanding of education, so while running her preschool she finished her BA in Education at Sacramento State University, as well as credentials in early childhood and multicultural education at UC Davis. Tammy has been a Waldorf teacher for over 15 years at both public and private Waldorf schools in the Sacramento area. She has taken a class 1st – 5th at SWS and has since continued her studies in remedial reading. She loves to travel, sail and scuba dive. (Joined SWS 2015)

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Fourth Grade – Class of 2026

gray-marianneMarianne Gray
BA in Studio Art, University of California, Santa Barbara; Waldorf Teacher Education Diploma, Rudolf Steiner College. The class that Marianne took from first grade through eighth grade graduated from SWS in 2013. Prior to that Marianne was a class teacher at SWS for six years and the Middle School support teacher for five years. She also teaches in the Summer Teacher Training Program at Rudolf Steiner College. Marianne enjoys drawing, painting, clay modeling, gardening, reading, and astronomy. Her two children are SWS alumni. (Joined SWS 1987)

Contact Marianne: or (916) 860-2535 ext. 3568

Fifth Grade – Class of 2025

Patricia Schneider-Graziosi
BA in Literature and Humanities, Universidad Javeriana, Cali, Colombia; Waldorf Teacher Education Diploma, Waldorf Institute of Southern California and Centro Antroposofico, Morelos, Mexico. Patricia devoted much of her young life to classical ballet training and was a Waldorf student herself. She taught Spanish at the Waldorf School of Orange County from 1999 to 2004, and was a class teacher at the Sierra Waldorf School from 2004 to 2009, where she took a class from first through fifth grade. She is married and has two children. Patricia enjoys hikes, long walks, snowboarding, swimming, meaningful conversation, and her husband’s wonderful cooking. (Joined SWS 2009)

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Sixth Grade – Class of 2024

fitts-denisDenis Fitts
BA in Waldorf Education, Rudolf Steiner College, 1981; Waldorf Teacher Education Diploma, Rudolf Steiner College, 1981. Denis was a founding teacher at the Portland Waldorf School, where he taught for eight years beginning in 1982. Here at SWS, he has graduated two Lower School classes (1998 and 2006). He has also instructed teachers in the presentation of the math curriculum in the Summer Teacher Education Program at Rudolf Steiner College for the past 16 years. His love of mathematics led him to deepen his studies, and in 2006, he joined the High School Math department. In 2012, Denis returned to the Lower School as the first grade teacher. Denis loves music, backpacking, slack-lining, and rock climbing. He is the parent of three SWS graduates. He also serves on our Lower School Coordinating Team and announces high school basketball games among other things. (Joined SWS 1990)

Contact Denis: or (916) 860-2535 ext. 3552

Seventh Grade – Class of 2023

immen-robinRobin Immen
Robin began her career as a Waldorf teacher by taking a 6th grade at Cedar Springs Waldorf School. After graduating her class, she spent the next 5 years as a lead teacher in the kindergarten. She returned to class teaching when she took a class 1st through 3rd. During the next 4 years, Robin moved to Missouri to help care for her elderly father and get him moved to California. During those years in Missouri, she got her Master’s Degree in Education, her pilot’s license, and went on a one year mission to Guyana, South America for Wings of Hope. In 2011, Robin returned to teaching, taking the first grade at Sacramento Waldorf School. She is passionate about Waldorf and the holistic way the children are educated through the arts of head, heart, and hands. She currently lives on a small farm north of Sacramento with her father and the younger of her two daughters, who does the farming.

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Eighth Grade – Class of 2022

arthur-jodyJody Arthur
BA in English, University of California, Davis; California Teaching Credential, multiple subject and single subject in English, UC Davis; Waldorf Teacher Education Diploma, Rudolf Steiner College. Jody taught in the Tahoe/Truckee Unified School District from 1982 to 1999. She also taught at Golden Valley Charter School, a Waldorf  methods charter school, for four years, taking a class from 1st grade through 4th grade before coming to SWS. She has four Waldorf-educated children. She likes to read, run, ski, hike, and camp. (Joined SWS 2004)

Contact Jody: or (916) 860-2535 ext. 3572

Specialty Subject Teachers

alessandri-amyAmy Alessandri – Movement and Physical Education
BS, California Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo; Spatial Dynamics Certificate, Spatial Dynamics Institute; Kindergarten Associate Program, Rudolf Steiner College; SWS Class of ’86. Amy has taught movement/games and kindergarten at the Cedar Springs Waldorf School, the Pasadena Waldorf School and movement classes for teacher trainees at RSC. Amy currently teaches movement at SWS for grades two through eight and has been the assistant cross-country coach since 2012. In addition to her formal training and education, Amy is very familiar with competitive sports. She participated in high school track and cross country, and was on the Cal Poly crew team for two years. (Joined SWS 2006)

Contact Amy: or (916) 860-2535 ext. 3585


Luisa Burgess – Music
Luisa worked as an actor in television and theater in New Zealand before leaving home to follow her song-line. She studied Naturopathy at the Australasian College of Natural Therapies and completed her Foundation Year at Sydney Rudolf Steiner College before moving to London. There she completed her Diploma in Waldorf Education and taught in kindergarten and the grades. Another big move took her to Los Angeles. She has taught in Waldorf schools since 2005. Theater, music, and her family help her to appreciate the universal in human story and in the world. (Joined SWS 2013)

Contact Luisa:  or 916-863-3554

Ana Caraccio – Gardening

(Joined SWS 2017)

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Nicole R. Fields – Handwork
BA in Liberal Studies, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo; Waldorf High School Teacher Education Diploma, Rudolf Steiner College; Waldorf Handwork Teaching Certificate, Rudolf Steiner College; SWS Class of ’85. Nicole’s two children attend SWS. She enjoys fiber arts, camping with her family, and playing with her children. (Joined SWS 1999)

Contact Nicole: or (916) 860-2535 ext. 3563

Giorgi Khokhobashvili – Strings Teacher
Giorgi studied violin, piano performance, and music theory from age seven in his home country of Georgia. He was getting ready to apply to Tbilisi State Conservatoire, when he decided to travel to the US as an exchange student. In 2005, he moved to California and joined local orchestras and theater companies. At the same time, he started giving private music lessons. His students have won local competitions in both classical and fiddle music. Currently he also enjoys teaching strings at Cedar Springs Waldorf school, giving private lessons, and performing with various local bands and musicians. (Join SWS 2017)

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macarthur-julieJulie MacArthur – Eurythmy
BA in English, St. Lawrence University; MA English, Breadloaf School of English, Middlebury College; Eurythmy Training, Rudolf Steiner College. Julie has served as a teacher and curriculum director for grades 6–12, administrator at a start-up middle school, and trustee at a pre-K and Kindergarten International School of Peace. She was the recipient of an NEH grant to study American nature writers and is a trained facilitator for low and high ropes courses. Julie is a “mover,” avid reader, cook, and mom, and her daughter is an SWS alumna. (Joined SWS in 2010)

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magruder-ariAri Magruder – Math and Science
BA in Art Education and French Literature, California State University, Northridge; Waldorf Teacher Education Certificate, Waldorf Institute of Southern California. Ari was a class teacher at Cedar Springs Waldorf School for ten years prior to joining SWS as the Lower School Support Teacher in 2005. Ari teaches at Rudolf Steiner College in the teacher education department, and she absolutely loves her work with middle school students. Ari’s two children attend SWS and the family enjoys spending time on the water, biking, camping, and working in their extensive garden.

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morkner-brown-douglasDoug Morkner-Brown – Math
BA in Humanities, California State University, Chico; Diploma in Literary Studies, University of Wales, UK; Waldorf Teacher Training Certificate, Waldorf Teacher Education Eugene, OR. Doug began his teacher training in 1997 after several years teaching in both the public and homeschool communities. He carried a class from fourth grade through graduation at the Sierra Waldorf School and then took a class from first through graduation here at Sacramento Waldorf School. He has many interests including carpentry, cycling, painting, gardening, cooking, and most things practical and DIY. (Joined SWS 2004)

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Stephen Payne – Gardening
BS in Business Marketing, Central Connecticut State University. Stephen has ten years of experience in organic farming and five years of experience as a market garden business owner. He came to SWS in 2001 as our farmer and assistant gardening teacher. (Joined SWS 2001)

Contact Steve: or (916) 342-7416

sanchez-ceciliaCecilia Sanchez – Spanish
Sawyer Business College; Coursework at Rudolf Steiner College, including several classes on the art of teaching Spanish. Señora Sanchez has worked as a childcare provider and taught Spanish at Camellia Waldorf School from 1997 – 2015. Cecelia is well known in the local Waldorf community. She was a parent volunteer at CWS beginning in 1988, and in 1996, she began working at CWS. She taught Spanish initially in the Kindergarten, and later became the Spanish teacher for the grades program. (Joined SWS 2015)

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sarradet-inaIna Sarradet – German
2nd Diploma in Law, Universität Konstanz, Germany; Coursework at Rudolf Steiner College, including several classes on the art of teaching German. Ina practiced law in Germany; after becoming a mother, she and her family moved to the US and she began working with children in a volunteer capacity. (Joined SWS 1996)

Contact Ina: or (916) 860-2535 ext. 3560

schoen-peterPeter Schoen – Movement and Physical Education
BA, University of Massachusetts; Sculpture Training, Emerson College in England; Spatial Dynamics Certificate, Spatial Dynamics Institute. Peter coached volleyball and taught Art, Practical Arts, Earth Science, and Architecture for 12 years at the Hawthorne Valley School in upstate New York. He also taught Movement and Physical Education as well as some Middle School Science blocks for 10 years at Monadnock Waldorf School in Keene, NH and Woodworking and Clay Modeling at the Camellia Waldorf School in Sacramento. Peter has worked with 1st through 12th graders, and enjoys working with children of all ages. Peter loves to back country ski, mountain bike, play tennis, work with his hands, be outdoors, and have fun. He spent several years wilderness packing, skiing, and climbing in the Rocky Mountains while in his 20s. (Joined SWS 2012)

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sullivan-meganMegan Sullivan – Social Emotional Learning & Health
Waldorf Teacher Training, Chrysalis Steiner School, Australia; Coursework at Rudolf Steiner College. Megan began her Waldorf teaching career in 1994 at Casuarina Steiner School, Australia.  She has taught grades K-12 both as a Class Teacher and a specialist in Australia and the US. She has administration experience in a start-up Waldorf High School, and has extensive experience as a guest teacher, presenter, and lecturer in the field of Sex Education and Social Emotional Learning.  Megan is married and has two daughters who attend SWS. She loves to read, take walks, garden, and visit Australia. (Joined SWS 2006)

Contact Megan: or (916) 860-2536

Shane Pugh – Woodworking
(Joined SWS 2018)


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 pugh-whitneyDr. Whyt Pugh – Language Arts

BA (Hons), English Literature (University of Glamorgan, UK); PhD, Literature (University of South Wales, UK); Steiner Waldorf Class Teacher Credential (West of England Steiner Teacher Training, UK); Special Education Credential (Steiner Waldorf Association for Special Educational Needs and Dyslexia, UK). Whyt held a fundamental role in the creation of the Cardiff Steiner School in Wales where she was a Class Teacher, served as Educational Coordinator, and set up the Learning Support Department. She also taught Literary Theory and Romanticism classes at the University of South Wales from 2013 to 2015. Whyt is an award-winning writer who enjoys open-water swimming, archaeology, and traditional crafts. She is married to Shane (a Waldorf woodwork teacher), has two lovely step-daughters, two adorable grandchildren, and an enormous Angora rabbit. (Joined SWS 2016)

Contact Whyt: or 916-860-2509

Jonathan Winfield – Choir
BS (Hons) in Math and Philosophy, London University. As a member of Dulwich College Madrigal Group and choir for seven years, Jonathan performed regularly all over England in some of the finest concert halls in the country. Jonathan has also studied piano since he was nine years old. After college, he became a professional pianist, working in many areas until musical theatre captured his attention in 1992; he has been Musical Director for over 40 musicals since then. In 1999, Jonathan began working with school choirs. He is a member of the Performing Rights Society of Great Britain and his compositions have been featured on BBC Radio and London’s West End. He also holds a certification in counseling and was a volunteer counselor for a victim support organization in London. (Joined SWS 2004)

Contact Jonathan: or (916) 860-2535 ext. 3580